Cooperative Learning Center Vision & Mission

Vision statement

The primary goal of the Cooperative Learning Center is to provide superior assistance to business students in need of academic improvement and student advancement by providing competent, focused, student-oriented service with high standards of excellence.

Mission statement

The mission of the Cooperative Learning Center is to contribute to LAU’s academic excellence through a student-oriented approach designed to provide business students with access to tutoring, student development workshops, and campus referrals.

The Cooperative Learning Center provides academic assistance to all business students who need help in their undergraduate courses. The services provide supplemental instruction in an engaging and scholarly learning environment inspiring students to become independent while adjusting to university life. This student support is implemented by a staff of committed and caring graduate assistants who adhere to the highest standards of academic excellence. Best practices, ongoing assessment, collaboration and alignment with academic departments, and an appreciation for diverse learning abilities are all combined to provide unsurpassed services to our constituents.