MS in Human Resources Management: Graduate Assistantship

Applications for Fall 2020 are open between Monday June 15, 2020 and Friday August 21, 2020.

The documents needed for the completion of the GA application are:

  • Official transcript for non-LAU students and unofficial transcript for LAU Students.
    • If you have completed less than 12 credits in the MSHRM program, you need to submit two transcripts - undergraduate and graduate. 

    • If you have completed 12 credits or more in the MSHRM program, an unofficial transcript of your graduate courses will suffice.

  • A work certificate from NSSF  or افادة خدمة للمضمونين أوافادة غير مضمون لغير المشمولين بالضمان من الصندوق الوطني للضمان الاجتماعي  .  This certificate has to be RECENT (less than a month old) and can easily be obtained from NSSF divisions all over Lebanon as per this link.

  • To download the application, click on the following GA application form link.

To apply, prepare all required documents and contact the Academic Assistant on:
Adnan Kassar School of Business, 16th floor, Room 1623
Beirut Campus