Mr. Michel Majdalani


Michel G. Majdalani is a Senior Practice Lecturer at the Adnan Kassar School of Business. He has acquired a multi-disciplinary orientation and holds three master’s degrees from Columbia University (New York), two in Engineering and one in business administration. Mr. Majdalani is currently pursuing on a part-time basis his Doctorate in Business Administration at the Grenoble Ecole de Management in France. He is the Former Director of Continuing Education at the Lebanese American University (2007-2017) and has over eighteen years of academic teaching and professional training practice.

Teaching Interests

  • General Management 
  • Strategic Management
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Organizational change
  • Business Management
  • International HR

Research Interests       

Current research at the intersection of organizational change, international HR and strategy with a focus on brain gains, diasporic migration networks and organizations


Recently nominated to present at the “Engaged Management Scholarship conference and consortium”in Antwerp, Belgium (2019)

“Decentralized wastewater treatment in Lebanon: Strategic choices and managerial challenges”, 5thInternational Conference on Small and Decentralized Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants in Thessaloniki, Greece (August 2018) 

“Euro-Mediterranean Integration through Lifelong Learning (EU-MILL)”: Series of conferences in Spain, Portugal, Finland and MENA (2013-2016)

Paper Awards

The paper titled “Recasting Sustainable Collaborations through Postcolonial Perspectives”  won two Awards in the Critical Management Studies Divison at the Academy of Management conference to be held from July 29 until August August 4, 2021.

Selected Publications 

Majdalani, M., Janaa, M., Saade, R., and Tamim, H. (2018). Perceived Healthcare Workforce Needs in Lebanon: a Step toward Informed HR Planning and Professional Development. Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal. 

Majdalani, M. (2017). Euro-Mediterranean Integration through Lifelong Learning (EU-MILL): A memory of cooperation and dialogue on Education in the Mediterranean basin. University of Sevilla Ed., (contribution to three chapters). 

Majdalani, M. (2016). Competitive Human Resources and Global Management Strategies at Multi-National Corporations. Innovations and Global Human Resource Management Practices by 2050, by Balanchandar, Panchanatham and Urboniene, Bonfring Publisher (chapter in book).