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“The Economic Impacts of Syrian Refugees: Challenges and Opportunities in Host Countries”

Op-ed article by Drs. Ali Fakih and Walid Marrouch in the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs.

More than four years have passed since the beginning of the conflict in Syria.
The unfortunate losses, human and material, have been colossal with more than 200 thousand deaths (Death in Syria, Sept. 2015) and countless cities destroyed.

This has naturally led to the displacement of millions of Syrians, carrying many direct and indirect implications at the regional and international levels. 

Drs. Ali Fakihand Walid Marrouch have shared their findings on the economic impact of Syrian refugees on host countries, in their op-ed article for the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs.

The article sheds light on the disproportionate challenges faced by certain host countries and, oppositely, on the opportunities created for other host countries.

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