Top Performers Once Again

Five teams from the strategic planning course rank in the highest decile in Capsim’s business simulation.

As in Fall 2015 where three teams from MGT420 – Strategic Planning and Policy Formulation – ranked in the highest decile in the international business simulation game provided by Capsim, five teams were classified as being in the top ten percent once again, in Spring 2016, standing out  among thousands of other teams from around the world.

The game required the tackling of major business functions of a virtual company through an online platform, involving the application of acquired theories, critical thinking and team play in order to achieve the intended results.

Congratulations to the five teams, supervised by Drs. Amine Abi Aad, Wissam AlHussaini, Jamal Maalouf, Bassem Maamari and Josiane Fahed-Sreih, respectively –They exhibited effective strategic management leadership and proved to be worthy competitors. 

Team Andrews - Supervised by Dr. Josiane Fahed-Sreih:

Hamid Ayoub Gemayel
Andrew Hajjar
Tala Kassab
Ibrahim Majanini
Galia Rita V. Seraydarian
Daniel Tamer

Team Chester - Supervised by Dr. Bassem Maamari:

Maher Akra
Omar Baba
Rayan Haidar
Ghida Salman Harake
Nizar Mroue

Team Digby - Supervised by Dr. Wissam AlHussaini:

Ali Berro
Wael Darwish
Abdul-Hafiz Karkuti
Maher Laham
Ahmad Mardini
Nour El Mona Jaafar 

Team Ferris - Supervised by Dr. Amine Abi Aad:

Abdulrahman Abdulhadi
Anthony Abou Diwan
Ahmad Bakri
Hady Eid
Jamal El chaar
Shadi Mayyassi
Elie Zaini

Team Ferris - Supervised by Dr. Jamal Maalouf:

Fahed AlKhadra
Jean Farah
Ghady Karam


Department of Management Studies