BS in Business

Bachelor of Science in Business

Location: LAU Beirut & Byblos.
Duration: three years (for students admitted as sophomores).
Total Credits: 92.

The BS in Business at AKSOB prepares students for the evolving world of business, equipping them with an essential knowledge enhanced by a deep insight into a selected field.

The program enables students to use the appropriate learning, technology and decision-making tools within their respective emphasis, in addition to understanding the global impact of economic conditions and cultural dimensions on the areas of emphasis. 

The multi-faceted approach to business subjects, theories and trends, supported by project and case analysis work, develops a well-rounded graduate, one who is able to assess opportunities and challenges and is a sought-after candidate to employers across all industries.
The program serves as groundwork for further study in business, such as the Master of Business Administration, as well as in other fields. 

According to their interests and aspirations, students pursuing this program may select the emphasis of their choice from the following list:

Program Goals and Outcomes

The BS in Business Studies program aims to prepare the students for the dynamics of today’s global business world, ensuring their active contribution to the development of society.  

The graduate will:

Upon completion of the degree requirements, the graduate will be able to:

Career Prospects

Job placement and demand for business is high and constant. Majoring in business allows permeability and adaptability in the market, giving a wider scope of fields and ensuring the marketability of the business graduate. 

The career areas related to business are many, some of which are: 


Admission to any of the undergraduate programs offered at the Adnan Kassar School of Business follows the LAU general undergraduate requirements

All undergraduate applicants must submit:

Lebanese students who graduated from a non-Lebanese program must submit:

Note: If this document is not available when you submit your application, you may submit it as soon as it is available.

Students transferring from another university must submit: