BS in Business

BS in Business - Banking & Finance

This program is offered by the Department of Finance & Accounting

Banking and finance provides an essential understanding of the economic and financial processes and management practices adopted by financial institutions and functions in businesses across industries. The role of the banking sector in today’s economy is also highlighted, with an eye on the different types of banks  and the abundance of services they offer. 

This area of emphasis prepares you for the management of private and public institutions’ financial structures. It helps you develop skills in the field of financial analysis, as well as managerial skills in the money and commodities’ markets. It prepares qualified personnel and potential executives for Lebanon’s banking sector and the financial services industry. 

Emphasis Curriculum

The changes in Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS), business electives, and free electives requirements are applicable for the entering class of Fall 2021. Existing students may choose to follow the old or below new curriculum. 

A minimum of  92 credits are required for graduation, distributed as follows:

* The core business courses  ECO201and  ECO202fulfill 6 of these credits, as they are also LAS Social Sciences requirements.

*FIN405: Investment Analysis is equivalent to  FIN411: Security Analysis & Portfolio Management.

Business Core Requirements (36 credits)

Emphasis Requirements (12 credits)

Other Requirements (12 credits)

Block A: Minimum 6 credits

Block B: Maximum 6 credits

1- Soft Skills : Maximum 3 credits

2- Vertically Integrated ProjectsMaximum 3 credits

3- Other Electives 

LAS Requirements (30 credits)

Free Electives (8 credits)

Recommended Study Plan

Year One

Fall (15 credits)

Spring (15 credits)

Year Two

Fall (15 credits)

Spring (16 credits)

Year Three

Fall (15 credits)

Spring (16 credits)

Career Prospects

Finance-related careers are abundant, as the industry is progressively growing. The f inance major can land you a career in a wide range of industries. 

With a banking & finance degree you can work in:

You may have a career as: