BS in Business

BS in Business - Information Technology Management

This program is offered by the Department of Information Technology & Operations Management

ITM is the management of the company’s resources of information, software, networks and systems. It also involves managing the human factor, in-other-words, the individuals who are responsible for creating and maintaining these resources. ITM is indispensable in today’s world, one which fosters continuous innovation and is more dependent on technology for improving and simplifying all aspects of life, including business. It enables the company to optimize its resources by using and maintaining the appropriate technologies for business processes, communication and productivity.

This emphasis adds to your business management foundation a set of vital technical skills needed to have a successful career in IT. 

Your learning experience will be enriched by the expertise of the ITOM faculty, who will provide you with the necessary technical, theoretical and managerial know-how. 

Emphasis Curriculum

The changes in Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) , business electives, and free electives requirements are applicable for the entering class of Fall 2021. Existing students may choose to follow the old or below new curriculum.

A minimum of 92 credits are required to graduate, distributed as follows:

* The core business courses ECO201 and ECO202 fulfill 6 of these credits, as they are also LAS Social Sciences requirements.

Business Core Requirements (36 credits)

Emphasis Requirements (15 credits)

ITM/Business electives (12 credits) 

Business Electives: Choose 12 credits of the following courses: 

BLOCK A: Minimum 6 credits

BLOCK B: Maximum 6 credits

1- Soft Skills: Maximum 3 credits

2- Vertically Integrated Projects: Maximum 3 credits

3- Other Electives

LAS Requirements (30 credits)

Free Electives (2 credits)

Recommended Study Plan

Year One

Fall (15 credits)

Spring (16 credits)

Year Two

Fall (15 credits)

Spring (15 credits)

Year Three

Fall (16 credits)

Spring (15 credits)

Career Prospects

All types of organizations, across all industries, are becoming increasingly dependent on information and communications technologies (ICT) in their daily operations. Accordingly, there is an increasing demand for graduates who have the needed skills to cover the challenging and crucial middle ground between business and information technology.

Smart devices, mobile communications, cloud computing, together with other emerging technologies are creating exciting career opportunities for graduates with the high-level skills that the emphasis provides and develops.

Career prospects for the ITM graduates include, but are not limited to: