BS in Business

BS in Business - Accounting

This program is offered by the Department of Finance & Accounting

Accounting is the science used to record, collect, measure and assess financial data so as to determine an organization’s profit or loss through tracking efforts. Accounting is an essential function, one which is used to show the well-being and efficiency of businesses, non-profit and governmental organizations, and as such, is considered the backbone of the firm. In sum, accountants ensure that firms operate efficiently; they also analyze budgets and provide financial planning.

The BS in Business Studies with Accounting emphasis grounds you in the decision-making process and prepares you for beneficial careers in accounting across all industries. It is also an excellent step toward graduate studies, such as the Master of Business Administration (MBA), the Master of Science (MS) degree, as well as recognized professional certificates such as the CPA. 

Emphasis Curriculum

The changes in Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS), business electives, and free electives requirements are applicable for the entering class of Fall 2021. Existing students may choose to follow the old or below new curriculum.

A minimum of 92 credits are required to graduate, distributed as follows:

* The core business courses ECO201 and ECO202 fulfill 6 of these credits, as they are also LAS Social Sciences requirements.

Business Core Requirements (36 credits)

Accounting Emphasis Requirements (16 credits)

Business Electives (12 credits)

Block A: Minimum 6 credits

Block B: Maximum 6 credits

1- Soft Skills: Maximum 3 credits

2- Vertically Integrated ProjectsMaximum 3 credits

3- Other Electives

LAS Requirements (30 credits)

Free Electives (4 credits)

Recommended Study Plan

Year One

Fall (15 credits)

Spring (16 credits)

Year Two

Fall (16 credits)

Spring (15 credits)

Year Three

Fall (15 credits)

Spring (15 credits)

Career Prospects

Accounting is a major that is highly demanded in the market and continues to grow. Accounting-related jobs exist at all levels in the company, from entry level to top management.

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that this is a growing field for, at least, the next ten years.

The following are five careers in accounting:

An accounting degree from LAU will allow you to sit for the CPA exam.