BS in Business Studies - Family and Entrepreneurial Business Management

This program is offered by the Department of Management Studies

Entrepreneurship is the design, creation and management of one’s own business. It involves many phases related to developing, implementing as well as assuming risks. Family businesses are headed and run by family members. 

This area of emphasis caters to students who belong to families in business and who wish to preserve the continuity and wealth of their businesses from generation to generation. It is also intended for students who wish to start their own business, as it encourages entrepreneurship and the building of solid guidelines for future business start-ups.

The courses in this emphasis are designed in a way to address the complex workings and challenges of family-owned businesses. Not only will the student get working knowledge of the tools and concepts involved, they will also develop action plans for their family businesses and manage growth opportunities. In addition, they will acquire frameworks, analytical skills, techniques and decision-making tools that can be used in the growing entrepreneurial track. Coursework in this specialization will begin as soon as it is feasible.

Emphasis Curriculum

The minimum number of credits required to graduate with a BS in Business Studies with an emphasis in Family and Entrepreneurial Business Management is 92 credits. 

Along with the General University Requirements and Business Core Requirements, the student should complete all the following Emphasis Requirements along with 9 credits of Business Electives.

Emphasis Requirements (12 credits)

Number Course Cr.
FEM301 Entrepreneurial & Small Business Management 3
FEM304 Family Business Management 3
FEM322 Entrepreneurial Marketing                          3
FEM333 Venture Capital & Entrepreneurial Financing   3

Business Requirements (9 credits)

Any  of the following  
Number Course Cr.
ECO301 Managerial Economics 3
FEM311 Small Business Start-Up Lab 3
FEM399 Internship/ Practicum 1
FEM488 Special Topics in Family & Entrepreneurial Business 3
IBS311 Managing Multinational Corporations 3
MGT236 Communication Skills 1
MGT301 Organizational Behavior 3
MGT336 Developing a Business Plan 1
MGT338 Negotiation Skills 1
MGT401 Project Management 3
MGT436 Personality and Career Development 1
MGT438 Leadership Skills 1
MGT441 Human Resources Management 3
MKT421 Marketing Research 3
QBA301 Intermediate Managerial Statistics 3

Career Prospects

The emphasis will support the candidate in understanding the dynamics of their family business, enabling them to be part or run their company and reach their business goals. The candidate will be able to assume managerial responsibilities and envision new ventures and business plans.