BS in Business Studies - International Business

This program is offered by the Department of Management Studies.

With the globalization of today and the liberalization of trade, international business studies provide a deep insight into the world’s economy and markets, as well as a comprehensive look into how businesses strategize and operate on an international level. International Business explores the dynamics of doing business on a world scale, as well as the opportunities, costs and challenges the organizations face while attempting to expand to or connect with foreign markets. 

This area of emphasis provides a global perspective on management, finance, marketing, international affairs and economics while providing students with the fundamentals of business knowledge. This emphasis aims at preparing students for work in the international marketplace as business professionals who are able to understand and benefit from the dynamics of international business and finance.

Emphasis Curriculum

The minimum number of credits required to graduate with a BS in Business Studies with International Business Emphasis is 92 credits. 

Along with the General University (LAC) and Business Core Requirements, to graduate with an international business emphasis, the student should complete all of the Emphasis Requirements along with 9 credits of Business Electives.

Emphasis Requirements (15 credits)

Number Course Cr.
ECO335 International Economics 3
FIN302 Financial Institutions & Markets 3
IBS311 Managing the Multinational Corporation 3
FIN322 Global Financial Management 3
MKT311 International Marketing 3

Business Electives (9 credits)

Any of the following 
Number Course Cr.
BUS311 Research Methods 3
ECO311 Economic Development 3
FEM488 Special Topic in  Family & Entrepreneurial Business 3
HOM321 Tourism Eco.& Cultural Impact 3
MGT236 Communication Skills 1
MGT336 Developing a Business Plan 1
MGT338 Negotiation Skills 1
MGT399 Internship/ Practicum 1
MGT436 Personality and Career Development 1
MGT438 Leadership Skills 1
POL313 Concepts of Int’l Relations 3
QBA301 Intermediate Managerial Statistics 3

Career Prospects

The International Business emphasis is beneficial to the student’s career, regardless of the industry, since an understanding of international transactions and organizational strategies is favored today.

In addition to the known business career paths, especially in multinationals, the student may explore:

  • Trade 
  • Import/Export 
  • Stock Market
  • International Banking
  • International Development Organizations