BS in Business Studies - Management

This program is offered by the Department of Management Studies.

This area of emphasis enables students to develop timely skills related to managing people, projects, equipment, information and other resources used in the production of goods and services. It helps the students understand the decision-making process involved in all business steps and develops in them an orderly and systematic way of thinking. It also prepares them for graduate work or for supervisory positions in all key areas in business.  

Emphasis Curriculum

The minimum number of credits required to graduate with a BS in Business Studies with Management Emphasis is 92 credits. 

Along with the General University Requirements and Business Core Requirements, the student should complete all the following Emphasis Requirements along with 9 credits of Business Electives.

Emphasis Requirements (12 credits)

Number Course Cr.
MGT301 Organizational Behavior 3
MGT401 Project Management 3
MGT411 Innovation & Entrepreneurship 3
MGT441 Human Resources Management 3

Business Electives (9 credits)

Any of the following       
Number Course Cr.
BUS311 Research Methods 3
FEM301 Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management 3
FEM304 Family Business Mgt. 3
FIN302 Financial Instit. & Markets 3
HOM205 Lodging Mgt & Operations 3
IBS311 Managing the Multinational Corporation 3
MGT236 Communication Skills 1
MGT336 Developing a Business Plan 1
MGT338 Negotiation Skills 1
MGT399 Internship/ Practicum 1
MGT436 Personality and Career Development 1
MGT438 Leadership Skills 1
MGT450 Special Topics in Management 3
QBA301 Intermediate Managerial Statistics 3

Career Prospects

This emphasis allows flexibility, seeing that the array of skills acquired from the courses is widely applicable. 

Some of the job titles related to management are:

  • Management Specialist
  • HR Executive
  • Consultant
  • Administrative Executive
  • Sales Manager