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The marketing discipline is vital as no organization or company in the world can operate without a proper understanding of its target market in order to create value for its customers.

A key step in marketing is to develop a comprehensive market study to collect insights about the target market and to define customers’ needs and wants in order to target them effectively through an integrated Omni-channel approach.

The ultimate aim of marketing is to propose an effective value proposition in order to attract customers and establish profitable long-term relationship with them. It involves a solid strategy and several tactical and communication tools (AKA marketing mix), using both digital and traditional/offline channels, to co-create value with customers and develop a sustainable competitive advantage. In this process, innovative communication approaches are required to increase brand awareness and change consumers’ attitude positively toward a product/service.

The BS in Marketing program is a step closer to making you become a successful marketer. This is conveyed through the development and acquisition of new theoretical and practical skills that will be acquired and developed throughout the program. This major will allow you to develop your analytical, communication, creativity and research skills by training you on how to utilize specific methods to understand customers’ needs and wants and develop a successful marketing strategy.

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